Camp Morningwood Annual New York Fall Classic

"the ultimate fishing trip designed for good times with great guys"


In the summer of 2007 an idea was brought forth – We need to catch a MUSKY! 

Within hours YouTube and every possible resource was combed through.  Each of us was blown away by the size and ferocity of the beastly fish.  It was then learned of another giant patrolling the waters that time of year as well, the salmon.

Conducting this research would inevitably   time after time lead us back to one location: Upstate New York.  As it happens Keith’s family has a camp in this lovely neck of the woods.  With the stars quickly lining up and mountains of information at the ready, the inaugural trip was spawned in a downtown conference room in Worcester, MA.

That first year it was just the three of us wide eyed kids.  Newly encountering the beautiful landscape, immense bodies of water and unexpected Amish we quickly fell in love.  It was a swift and unanimous decision that this was to become a mandatory annual event.

Approaching our fourth year we added a new crew member, faced some of the most daunting weather ever thought imaginable, and landed several trophy fish.  Averaging 1,500 miles each trip some incredible discoveries have been made.  

In our fourth year upstate we finally landed a musky! However our first real musky score did not come until 3 years after that with a big fish and a big love for the Canadian waters. 

What was once a bass trip to New York has evolved into much more. 2013 saw the addition of Mr. Sunny and while our target species and scope of travel has grown the crew remains steadfast building on each passing years knowledge, failures and triumphs.  

With more and more bodies of water still yet to be challenged, the backwoods of New York and Ontario can expect our shadows each fall for a long time to come.




“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”
Henry David Thoreau


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