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2016 Classic

Posted by Bob Grenier on October 18, 2016 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

2016 Lake St Clair FC

Crew: Captain, Sunny, Tank, Ski

Part I - The Voyage

We always we leave from Tanks. 6am sharp. Ski like clockwork shows up the morning of on time ready to rock n roll. Usually, he is met w great cheer but this year showed up to a house of darkness. After a little wrestling around and a few hellos, the crew was in full get shit done mode and let's get to LSC. We going roaring off to fill the car w gas and the crew with MCD. After just leaving and packing, we get the bad new that we have no EZpass ( that sucks- time waster). So we fire back to Tanks pick up said EZP and away we go.

The crew is very quiet at this point. I have never seen such a thing. They informed the royal uber driver (ski) that they had indulged in some green, blue, and orange cans as the Cap likes to say. He proceeds to tell me he was just pouring them on himself. What a waste of a quality beer with a  few palates that aren’t worthy. Glad they enjoyed, and were miserable until about Albany.

After driving for a few hours and needing to get gas and restroom break we stop in Albany. I proceed into the store do my biz and come out to find the Cap unpacking the truck ( WTF). Ski - Young fella what seems to be the problem? Cap -I don’t have my passport. Ski- Well that’s rock solid- the guy's usually on point , has everything in a bag in the glove box. Not this time. He's in full panic mode, calling the wife, hurling obscenities in all direction, blaming other ( ski where did you put my PP?) ( kinda SG-ish). Tank pipes up from the front seat whatcha looking for? Cap I don't have my passport.... Tank it's right here you gave it to me. Well after wasting 20min for no reason we proceed on our way. Cap from now on put it in the glove box and forget about it.

Next stop Niagra Falls border crossing. With this crossing our career-long felon, Mr. G is allowed in with flying colors no issues at all. We park the car and proceed to the falls. Took some quick pics, said hello to everyone else taking pics, back to the car next stop LSC - ABNB.

We pull into our pad crack beers and say hello to two guys hanging in “our” garage.  I believe one was Glen ( not Ken house owner) and Jimbob ( no idea of this second persons name). We exchange pleasantries, walk around like we own the place and then they inform us that this is not out pad. This is Ken's house. Oh well, great times had by all. They tell us our place is right down the road 245 Crescent Island, LHC, Tilbury. Now we make our way to " OUR" pad. Boom!! LSC we are here. Great place on the water, pool tables, Golden Tee, Foosball, what more could you ask for?

Commence Opening Ceremonies - beer, booze, peeing in the yard, music, rules ( there are no rules). We have landed. What a place!!

Part II - The Week- Lake St Clair- Musky Gold Mine

After settling down at out pad we head out the next day outa Belle River.

Within minutes of the launch and inside the buoys we see a few Ski’s. The water here is very stained, but we already have activity :) MB strong! Also, there are a ton of boats just trolling this area. We ask the Capt to give it a try and of course, he says no. There all idiots!

We fish all over LSC. We find that Indians do not play by the same rules or catching style. They put nets all over the place boaters beware. Sunny donated a lure, but contemplated a retrieve. There is plenty of duck hunting and windmills all around LSC.

We tried the DR with Bondy baits ( we launched outa pike river- booyah). In the DR we pulled up all kinds of shit. We were targeting Ski’s but seemed better at catching catfish! A first for all aboard the TR. We also pulled up stinky shit from the depths of the DR. We witnessed our first CG deployment. Tank a great job with the camera. Pics can be seen in photos. We also got to see the Man of Steel and his ridiculous home and boats. The man's yacht was then seen flying across LSC.

We ran into Lead Zepplin. I believe his name to be Steve… Any help Crew? With a late night knock on the door, he welcomes us with open arms… He opens up his tackle shop to us, we open a few brews, and he informs us what to use, where to fish, and DL on peeps mostly you Berman. WHITE BAITS ONLY!! With thousand of dollars in bait already purchase we all purchase more. Who would have thought? What a sickness. So we purchase all white Bulldawgs, Pounders, and swim baits very similar to Spo’s, and the last of his Shadzillas. Not very forthcoming with those :lol: The cap to his credit was already on many of the spots he had pointed out to us.

The crew of Sunny and Ski was on the losing end of fishing and a bet… our prize ugly suits. As men with stones, we displayed them proudly. The people of LSC loved them and wanted autographs…I think.

The LSC was by far the most productive waters we have fished. Everyone was able to put a Ski in the boat. We had one in the boat that almost flopped away, but a nifty netting job caught her before she got away for the second time. When will we get better at this? I guess we shall enjoy the journey. We saw bait fish being mauled all over the lake by Gar. The cap was able to entice a follow but we had the wrong gear . More knowledge about this Steve would have been helpful…

Until 2017 just a few days away Keep the MB's strong!



2015 Fall Classic

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Brought to you from the mind of Sunny:

The 2015 fall classic started with a few big bangs… first Brian “do what feels good Pelczarski made a last minute sneak out to join the trip after months of depression from not being able to join the trip due to the fact the he’s whipped like frosting. Next event to take place after briefly celebrating BP’s return and pounding beers smoking cigars and packing fat lips of dip oh and don’t forget staring at Capts white legs due to his short shorts..(Which because of his amazing yet ridiculous outfit) he won money from the rest of the crew. We got stopped at the boarder because we had a felon on board with us. Capt that’s right is a criminal in the eyes of these poutine moose fucking boarder agents. He was questioned and turned around at the boarder until we could prove his innocence. We spent the night in NY 10 minutes from the boarder plotting ways to sneak capt across the border to the land of poutine and MUSKY. Next day we got the criminal to prove his innocence and drove into Canada withour middle fingers held high and our musky boners raised tall. Lots of beers later and few more fat lips packed we made it to wildwood camp ground in Kemptville. Boom baby they greeted us with much love cause were the best Americans to ever come into their campground. We settle in, the fire blazing boat getting charged unpacked tents set up beers going down like water. We drank the night away waiting till sunrise so we could start out musky slaying.

Start of the day in Canada was fantastic because it started with Timmy Horton’s timbits and gas station beef sticks. Hit the water soon after and we got to work on the REEEEEDDDDOUGHHH!! Our minds were full throttle on musky slaying but no musky today just pike and couple smallies. Next couple days still no musky just pike and smallies making their way into the boat by the crew.

Next big event to take place was BP jumping the boarder like a Mexican running from the law because he has lost all control of his life over the years and had to be home so his wife wouldn’t beat him. We dropped him off and he ran like the wind to his rent a car and he disappeared but was not forgotten. Still no musky after he was gone but the rest of the crew still casted thousands of baits hoping to land the biggest monster to ever swim in these waters. Next day we started early little sad the BP was gone but that changed soon because Tank smashed the first musky of the trip while we were towing lines behind the boat.. Not how we wanted to catch it but we would take any musky we could get at this point. We were thrilled to see this bad boy out of the water on the bump board and pictures were of course taken and smiles were shared. No more musky that day but plenty of beers were guzzled.

Next day pike still hitting but that was not the big catch of the day. I Sunny lured in the biggest duck to ever float on these Canadian waters and netted him like nobody has ever netted in their life. Pulled him into the boat and took pictures and sent them to duck dynast still waiting to make my appearance and show them how it’s done. End of the week the trip was done no more musky entered the boat after tank landed his but still a great maybe little short but memorable trip. We headed home and capt was the one with the biggest smile bacause he won the George Perry MVP trophy this year 2015. The drinks continued to be guzzled and fat lips packed as we talked about 2016 the big 10 year trip. When we finally made it home we took few weeks to let our livers recover and bodies detox but the next trip continued to be planned. Biggest push was making sue BP would be able to go more than 3 days this year. Of course a year ahead he said 2 weeks next year for me but we shall see if his wife lets him out of the house this year. Well that’s about it until next year out musky boners will stay raging and 1000’s of dollars will continue to be spent on what we hope to be the magical lure that lands big bertha!!


“It’s not how many fish are caught or how many are lost but the memories and laughs that are shared and created” –Sunny aka Slayer of 2016


2011 Fall Classic

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Has it really been 5 years already?? Wow, the crew has comea long way since that first trip.  Thisyear was certainly a culmination of knowledge gained through trial and lots oferrors.   Dropping the boat off early atKeith’s and buying beer and meat before leaving was great on time and thewallet. 

Weather reports at the start of the trip did not lookpromising at all, who wants to see 60% chance of thunderstorms 4 days in arow?  I know as the dude driving the boatI sure as hell was not excited about that. Nobody hesitated to head out though. It’s good to have a crew that’s already been toughened up by roughweather from years gone by.  MotherNature this year though was surprisingly not pissed off at us and one way oranother all the storms went around us for the most part.

We enjoyed 3 amazing days out on the St. Lawrence River thisyear.  The Alexandria Bay police came byto say hello and welcome us to the campsite. Nobody told Steve that you can’t set up the scope on your super real lookingair rifle in a state park with a strict no gun law apparently.  They were good guys though and seemed to caremore about what kind of fish we were after. Keith the giant dummy that he is did his famous Chuckles the DancingBear Routine and implanted a spinnerbait into his finger.  “I’m serious we need to go somewhere!” wasthen screamed as we all laughed and heckled the bear.

Lake Oneida actually was in fishable condition for the firsttime in about 3 years but the two week beating put on the lake by the BASS Tourturned the bass off a bunch. 

A couple new bodies of water showed up on the Fall Classicthis year: Kayuta Lake and Lake Durant. Kayuta showed us no love and the crewwas not too thrilled about going back. The write up on Lake Durant prompted us to make a 2 hour car ride intothe heart of the Adirondacks (aka middle of nowhere).  Tiger musky were supposed to be oozing out ofthis little gem but we didn’t catch any. We did however meet good ole Uncle Ernie who taught us to catch shinersand then go after the big guys with those.

Again the Salmon gave us the middle fin as they jumped allaround us but none in the boat.  Stormrolled in on us and almost made the captain regift lunch at one point.  One of these days we will figure those stupidfish out (I would still rather fish for musky).

I can only speak for myself when I say that this was thebest all-around trip we have had in years. Young Steve had his best showing on the board ever.  Expect stories from him about the one thatgot away at Fulton Chain Lake for many years to come. The team of Keith and theCapt put in a strong showing in the team competition for the win.  The big prize of Most Valuable Fisherman wentto yours truly.  This makes me the first twotime George Perry Cup champ in Fall Classic history.

So to the crew thanks for another great trip.  Look forward to seeing you all again nextyear.


PS Contrats to Big Bri on the guppy


2011 Ice Season

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EXTREMELY sad to have to admit that the 2011 ice fishing season seems to have come to an abrupt warm end.

It was a rough New England winter, icy temps that didn't quit and record snowfall didn't stop the crew from having one of the best ice seasons to date.  

Beer, Bass, Flags, Grilling and Ice Fires will be missed until next year!


2010 Fall Classic

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And so another successful Fall Classic comes to a close.  I would like to thank the crew for a great trip.  Some new species made it into the Triton this year, including a couple Tiger Musky and a Steelhead Trout.


Heavy rain the week before we arrived slowed the bite down a bit but the troops carried on. 


A new George Perry Cup was unveiled this year.  The Polish Prince surged on the wings of his blue back Rat-L-Trap to gain his first championship.  Raw milk was all the rage thanks to the kindness Ron and Rose who took the time to show some city boys how to live off the land.  Fox pelts came back into fashion and the Gordon's Fisherman took to a life of crime.


All in all it was as expected; a damn good time.  Photos are up for viewing.


Catch you on the water soon...





Ode To The Crew

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As a founding member of Camp Morningwood it is my honor to dedicate this website to my fellow crew. You all have been there through the good times, catching monster pike and bass, and the bad times, pushing the boat off sandbars in freezing hurricanes.

I am expecting monumentus things come this fall. This will be our latest departure to date. Musky season will be underway and the salmon runs strong.

Raise your High Life

As your Captain I salute you.


Tight lines!


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