Camp Morningwood Annual New York Fall Classic

"the ultimate fishing trip designed for good times with great guys"

New York Fishing Crew

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."  ~Bernard Meltzer

Bob “Capt. Angry” Grenier

 Well known the world over as the authority on the blue fleck Texas rig.  Capt. Angry hammers this presentation down with precision accuracy and has been seen ripping bass from their homes on lakes all across the east coast.  As of recent times huge baits fill the boxes. He was last seen casting a bowling pin with a gaff hook tied to it.

A seasoned New York veteran Skipper, he has earned his stripes facing some of the most bitter weather the Fall Classic can muster.

Hobbies: CrossFit, Trolling, Organizing Fishing Trips, Shakeweight Demos, Musky Dreams


♦Accomplishments: George Perry Cup Champion '07' '11' '13' '15' , '07' '08' '11' & '13' Bill Kazmaier Awards, '09' '10' '11' '13' '15'   4xAnsel Adams Award, Biggest Pike at 9.12lbs, Biggest Musky 14lbs Biggest Smallmouth 4.06lbs

Brian “Polish Prince” Pelczarski

 Once thought of as only a pretty face in the crowd; the Polish Prince has established himself as a formidable force to be reckoned with. 


The Prince can always be found riding shotgun in the TR-185.  Never without a smile the Prince remains steadfast to his finesse wacky worm approach.  Additionally a tasty Rat-L-Trap is never far from his grasp.  Cape Cod's prodigal son returns year after year ready for the challenge. He loves to go home early and not fish to prepare for next year.

Hobbies: Passionate Kisses, Going home early, Gathering Information, Tasting Brews, Vodka Creations



♦Accomplishments: 2010 George Perry Cup Champion, 2010 Bill Kazmaier Award, 4x Ansel Adams Award, Biggest Salmon at 22lbs, Biggest Musky at 5lbs

Keith “Chuckles The Dancing Bear” Reardon




An oft misunderstood character; Chuckles the Dancing Bear is true to his

name.  This brute can simultaneously handle a Lake Ontario swell, drink a beer, cast over your line and all the while eat a ham sandwich.

With the knowledge of 11 eagle scouts, 2 foreign diplomats and a

Harvard sociology professor Reardon's quick wit keeps the crew well informed at all times.

The Bear lives by one rule: white and chartreuse spinnerbait or bust!

Hobbies: Joey Chestnut Impersonations, Backlashes, Roman Helmut Gear, Going Commando, Clogging Toilets

♦Accomplishments: George Perry Cup Champion '08' '12' '14' Bill Kazmaier Award '09' '12' '14'  Glaucus Award '07', Largemouth at 4.14lbs,  Walleye at 3lbs Musky 12-13lbs


Kirk “Sunfish Slayer” Wayshville


What can you say about the Sunfish Slayer that hasn't already been written about in police report.  The man lives off a stockpile of cash in his center console that was acquired through many years of trash picking. 

His signature fishing technique dubbed the "Wayshville Wobble" has yet to produce a single fish but Sunny stands behind his ways with a blind passion generally reserved only for Evangelical TV Ministers. 


When in doubt of the truth just load up the #kirklogic and all you ever needed to know will be at your disposal.  "she'd be cute if she lost like 40 pounds" #kirklogic  

Sunny and his musky boner made their Fall Classic debut October 2014 and has now been a crew regular.    The manchild still spends lots of money on bird shaped lures even though everyone knows they don't work.  

Hobbies: Being electrocuted, chodes, bad decisions, taking cabs to go drive drunk. sunfish targeting.

♦Accomplishments: Glaucus Award '15' 1x Ansel Adams Award

Steve “I Know I'm Better Than You” Grenier

 A lovable character after he is awake; Once an orange hat aficionado this trash talker is known as a world class netter.

No longer the 'New Kid on The Block' SG has more than one

rod now and he's not afraid to use it. Between winning nearly every netting award in the Western Hemisphere this humanitarian stays humble by eating only from convenience stores.

Hobbies: Snatches, Treats, Threats, Street Life, Cell Phone Number Changes

♦Accomplishments: '08' '09' '10' '11' & '12' Glaucus Awards, Biggest Smallmouth at 3.08lbs


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